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Ningbo Kway Biotech Co., Ltd.

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Ningbo Kway Biotech Co., Ltd. is a company which specialized in the extracting, developing, producing, and selling of the effective composition of natural plants. Kway is based on the plentiful plant resources on northeast China, including Panax Ginseng, American Ginseng, Siberian Ginseng, Schisandra and Grape Seed, etc. We provide high quality and nature plant extracts to all the companies which in the lines of functional food, drink, health-products, cosmetics, and medicines, etc. By the second large seap...
Products List

panax ginseng root oil
american ginseng root oil
rose hip extract
panax notoginseng root extract
schisandra extract
siberian ginseng extract
panax ginseng root extract
american ginseng root extract
chaga polysaccharides
acanthopanax senticosus polysaccharide
astragalus polysaccharides
auricularia auricula polysaccharide
Contact Us
Company: Ningbo Kway Biotech Co., Ltd.
Contact: Ms. Alina Chi
Address: Room 5-18-13, Chuangye Building, Yuanshi Road, High-technology Zone, Ningbo, Zhejiang
Postcode: 315800
Tel: 86-0574-87359712
Fax: 86-0574-87359712

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